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I Crave Wings. My Travel Reviews are Kick-Ass!

I can help market your brand with authenticity and creativity.

What I Can’t Do


Expert Research & Infographics

I can’t provide research/analytics or create infographics.

Travel Planning

I can’t plan and book your entire "round-the-world" trip. I’m not a travel planner or travel agent.

Digital Agency Services

Anything relating to your SEO, web design, web traffic services, etc.

There’s a lot of great ways that I can collaborate with your brand. As I would love to help as many people as I can accelerate their career and lifestyle, I am unable to help with the following:

Guest Posts

Seriously. I can’t accept any outside content. All content on my website comes from my team and I.

Link Placement/Swaps

I can’t add your post link or site link to an existing post.